Canaanite Genesis 1:1

Canaanite Heaven Shamayim The Hebrew word shamayim is a dual or plural form related to the proto-semitic root “*šamāy-“. A reinterpretation constructs it as a compound of a hypothetical sham (שָׁמ) (loaned from Akkadian samu meaning “sky” or “lofty”), and mayim (מַיִם) meaning “waters”.


About Nazoraion

I am a Nazoraion, that is I follow, to the best of my understing, the teaching of Yahoshua or Jesus the Nazoraion. Nazoraion, The Way The Disciples, was the name of the followers of Yahoshua until the name change at Antioch was around 37 AD. I live to the best of my ability the teachings of Yahoshua. Through the Holy Spirit. I do not follow later additions of Church teachings.
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